Price examples:
Recording a song/demo:
All you need to record a song or a demo is a CD, a USB stick, a YouTube link with a beat, or an instrumental*. In our experience, recording and mixing a song takes two to three hours. You’ll then have your own song on CD or USB stick and you can post it on YouTube to show your friends.
Price: just €117 incl. VAT
Bachelor/bachelorette parties
If you are a group of 8 and want to record a song as a reminder of a wonderful evening together, then we’ve got all the space you need. Make an appointment, bring a CD or USB stick with your instrumental* on it and away we go!
Price: just €160 incl. VAT for 2 hours.
*Instrumental: Any piece of music or beat without vocals or rapping, e.g. karaoke version.