Carport Studio has both digital and analog equipment and offers a wide range of options. The centerpiece is our Presonus Studiolive 32.4.1 AI 32-channel digital mixing board. This means we have no problem recording bands, choirs, school groups or large groups. We can also send each musician an individual monitor mix via the headphones. If this weren’t enough, musicians can also log in to our network and independently adjust the instrument volume using an iPhone or iPad, without changing the levels of the rest of the band.
In the control room we have a couple of Genelec 1038B and Yamaha NS10-Pro studio monitors, which we use to get the perfect mix and edit. And it’s no problem if it needs to be loud to really feel the bass!

At Carport Studio, you have a total of three recording rooms, all of which offer visual contact with the engineer in the control room and the other two rooms. The largest of these is Recording Room 1, which offers space for up to ten persons including instruments.
The room is equipped with microphones for recording vocals and all types of instruments (Neumann U87, Rode K2, Brauner Phantera, Shure SM57, etc.).
Bands, string quartets, bachelor/bachelorette parties, school groups and rap crews plus entourage have all felt comfortable here.

In the insulated drum room, 14 microphones are pointed at the snare, base drum, three toms, hi-hat and cymbals and the individual tracks are sent to the mixing desk in the control room. This makes it possible to get a great overall mix for the drum kit as a whole.
As the drums are in a separate room, they do not bleed onto the vocal, guitar or other instrument tracks. This ensures a transparent mix and space for real punch in the sound..
Naturally, an individual monitor mix for the drummer can be sent to the drum room via headphones. Let’s rock!

German rap legends Toni L, Kollegah, Stieber Twins, Cora E are just some of the names that have recorded here. Our vocal booth has a Neumann U87 microphone for this very purpose. The vocal booth has been optimized for perfect voice recordings - whether it’s singing, rapping or spoken-word recordings for audiobooks or advertisements.
We can also put bass and guitar amps in the vocal booth to make band recordings sound even better. For spoken-word recordings there is a comfortable stool and a table for your text, pens and drinks.
We also offer DJ workshops in the vocal booth and will quickly show you how to DJ properly using vinyl or hardware controllers.

Those who have visited Carport Studio rightly describe it as a place to relax. Although the studio is just a five-minute drive from the center of Heidelberg, it is surrounded by idyllic greenery, which guarantees our guests privacy.
Parking is no problem at all. You can park in our driveway - right in front of the studio. For customers traveling from further afield, we also offer an apartment (with its own bathroom) for up to four persons.